Rice & Co. Creative Firm is dedicated to the cultivation of the careers of young creators through customized design, marketing, management, and public relations services.

About the Company

Rice & Co. assists creators with their careers by working on their brands and business behind the scenes and allowing them to focus on their craft for the world.  We handle business; they handle the art. We believe that there is power in the humanities, the arts, and entrepreneurship, and that power should not go untapped. People, especially young adults, tend to distance themselves from their dreams in order to pay their bills. It’s a choice: to survive or to live? Here, at Rice & Co., we help creators to choose both!

Rice & Co. offers creators and brand/business owners graphic design, web design, digital marketing, talent management, and PR services. Between these 5 services, Rice & Co. can nearly run your business behind the scenes so that you can focus on what you love!

Not looking to hire someone? That's fine! We also offer consultations and educational resources to guide you through your business and branding needs. Check out some of our ebooks and courses.

Meet Rice & Co.

Sireice Raynell a.k.a. "Rice"


Born in New Orleans, LA, Sireice (Rice) always dreamt of being a businesswoman. As a student in 2017, she made that dream a reality when she founded Rice & Co. Creative Firm. In December of 2018, Rice entered the "real world" as a Howard alumna and full-time business owner. She is now based out of Atlanta and runs a sex blog in her free time.

Tera Ashley

Financial Director

Tera Ashley is a Detroit, MI native and alumna of Howard University. She serves as the company's financial director. When she's not crunching numbers for Rice & Co., she's focused on her growth as a makeup artist


Atlanta, GA


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